Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Roaring Forties Takes to the Floor

Roaring Forties takes to the floor with JustJive.ComRoaring Forties Takes to the Floor Dance with JustJive.Com

Dance Your Way to Fitness

My wife and I have three super fit international circus performers for sons with strict diets to match, and It seems the collective were not over impressed with my eating habits. As a consequence, my years of slovenly diet were unknowingly transformed with the stealth elimination of meat and dairy by “she who must be obeyed”. This healthier eating eventually took off five stone without any real hardship, but that also came with muscle tone issues.

Picking the Right Exercise

Simple light exercise addresses this issue and although once a keen runner I now have more respect for my knees so I needed to find a sustainable alternative. Swimming was my first thought but that would exclude “she who must be obeyed”, and it was time we found an outside interest together. Having recently undertaken a cracking joint venture with JustJive.Com their enthusiasm was just the inspiration I was looking for.


JustJive.Com dance tuition and exhibitionsLessons from JustJive.Com

The truth is I did wobble around on the floor a bit in the 70’s but since then it has been the odd compulsory boogie at a wedding to something simple. With that in mind JustJive.Com have agreed to attempt to turn this uncoordinated mass from mid-April and you can follow the progress right here.

Blow by Blow Accounts

Lessons begin the third week of April at beginners level and each lesson will get my perceived account of progress along with any pointers picked up that might help others. In return, you will be getting a progress report from JustJive.Com which should make for an interesting read.


Stay Tuned

Roaring Forties

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