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Learning to Dance with JustJive.Com

Learn to dance with JustJive.Com

Lesson 2 – 24/04/2018

A register was now place made up from last week’s attendees and although there was a small drop in numbers there was still a very healthy turnout.

Our instructors quickly took control from the stage and we had a recap on last week’s lessons which sort of agreed with what we had been practicing at home, but at this stage had no point of reference.

However this was rectified towards the end of the evening’s class where we were allowed to video the instructors demonstrating the complete sequence. Please note the video was allowed for personal use only and not for re-distribution.

The Jockey

The Jockey was another addition to the Rock Step sequence and allowed for a change of direction with a few twirls now thrown in for good measure. The lesson itself consisted of a similar amount of steps to the previous week and combined with the Rock Step we now have something to allegedly find our way around the floor with.



The video has been a huge help keeping us on track and we attended a local JustJive.Com event the following Friday to get some pointers in styles. Definitely feeling happier my feet are sort of moving in the right direction and looking forward to the next lesson.

Learn to dance with JustJive.Com

Lesson 1 - 17/04/2018

The first lesson has come and gone and I will admit that it was odd working the other side of the stage, but dancing lessons were long overdue and been on the bucket list for a long while.

Arrived slightly early and quite frankly I was amazed by the uptake as the hall soon filled with a cross section of age groups. Registration and subs were painless and it was a case of getting a few lines of eager couples ready for action.

Clear Instructions

Our instructors came fully loaded with wireless headsets, remote controlled PA and demonstrated the lesson from an elevated stage position. We could hear the instructors clearly and their footwork was easy to watch from the dance floor.
There was a brief introduction to the correct posture along with hand grips and how the hands lead in different positions which will need a bit of fine tuning over time.

The Rock Step

With those basics in mind we progressed onto a few steps with periodically rotating partners. I found this a real plus as it was obvious that a couple of my partners were not novices and helped in the learning process.

After a very speedy hour and about a dozen or so steps in the memory banks we eventually put together the “Rock Step“. A handy combination of steps which you could shuffle around all night to and one I shall be practicing at home with the better half.


A successful and enjoyable first lesson with good content and we are already looking forward to the next session.
Next week will see if all this has sunk in …..

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