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1940s Radio Schedule

1940s Radio Schedule (20)

Refer Madness during the 40'sA “Trip” through the "Naughty Forties"

You thought the 1940’s music scene was all about “Tea Dances”

1940's Radio brings you an hour of sounds that shook the 40's

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Set List:

The Ink Spots - That Cat Is High
Trixie Smith ft Sidney Bechet - Jack Im Mellow
Bea Foote - Weed
Memphis Jug Band - Cocaine Habit Blues


Roaring Forties Presents Carmen CavallaroA Focus on Carmen Cavallaro 9:00am & 9:00pm 10/05/2017

Roaring Forties Presents Carmen Cavallaro

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Set List:

Carmen Cavallaro - A Media Luz (2:56)
Carmen Cavallaro - Its Delovely (1:35)
Carmen Cavallaro - Quando Quando Quando (2:42)


Roaring Forties presents Kate SmithRoaring Forties presents Kate Smith

9:00pm Friday 05/05/2017
9:00am Saturday 06/05/2017

Set List::

Kate Smith - Last Time I Saw Paris (1941) (2:31)
Kate Smith - And There You Are (3:12)
Kate Smith - Love You Funny Thing (3:06)


Vaughn Monroe & His OrchestraVaughn Monroe and Big Band His Orchestra

Listen Online Thursday 9:00am and 9:00pm 04/05/2017

Vaughn Wilton Monroe, an American baritone singer, trumpeter, big band leader and actor (1940 - 1973).

Set List:

Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Drinking Rum With Coca Cola (3:21)
Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Mule Train (1949) (3:04)
Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Waiting For The Train To Come (3:08)


1940s Radio presents Rosemary Clooney & Guests Wednesday 07:30pm 03/05/2017Rosemary Clooney & Guests Wednesday 07:30pm 03/05/2017

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Rosemary Clooney (May 23, 1928 – June 29, 2002)
Roaring Forties presents Rosemary Clooney and guests.

Set List

Rosemary Clooney & Vera Lynn  - Sisters (2:43)
Rosemary Clooney & Bing Crosby - How About You (3:05)


Revelling with the Rat Pack Tuesday 8:00pm 02/05/2017Revelling with the Rat Pack Tuesday 8:00pm 02/05/2017

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Set List:

The Rat Pack - Volare - Dean Martin (2:57)
The Rat Pack - Send Me The Pillow You Dream O (2:33)
The Rat Pack - June In January - Dean Martin (2:55)


The Sons of the Pioneers Two Hour FeatureThe Sons of the Pioneers Two Hour Feature

Roaring Forties presents "The Sons of the Pioneers" one of the United States' earliest western singing groups.

Listen Online 1940sRadio.Com

Set List

Sons of The Pioneers - Maverick (2:05)
Sons of The Pioneers - Im Heading For The Last Roudup (2:39)
Sons of The Pioneers - God Speaks (3:03)


An hour in the company of Jo Stafford 12:00am Sunday 30/04/2017An hour in the company of Jo Stafford 12:00am Sunday 30/04/2017

Listen Online 1940sRadio.Com

Jo Elizabeth Stafford (November 12, 1917 – July 16, 2008)
A hanpicked selection of trcks from the velvet tones of Jo Stafford, an American singer and occasional actress, whose career spanned five decades from the late 1930s to the early 1980s.

Set List

Jo Stafford - Ill Never Smile Again (3:17)
Jo Stafford - When You Are Mine (2:52)
Jo Stafford & Red Ingle - Temptation (2:40)


An Audience with Artie Shaw 8:00pm Saturday 29/04/2017 Roaring Forties Presents an hour with Artie Shaw and his clarinet Artie Shaw and his Clarinet 8:00pm Saturday 29/04/2017

Roaring Forties Presents an hour with Artie Shaw. Sit back and relax listening to an hour of “The Roaring Forties” handpicked favourites for you to enjoy.

Clarinettist - Composer - Bandleader - Actor

Set List

Artie Shaw - Begin The Beguine (3:14)
Artie Shaw - I Cover The Waterfront (3:24)


Danny Kaye and Helen Humes in an hour’s mash up of handpicked tracks from The Roaring Forties 8:00pm Friday 28/04/2017The Soft Tones of Danny Kaye and Helen Humes

An hour of handpicked tracks from “The Roaring Forties” 8:00pm Friday 28/04/2017

Set List

Danny Kaye - Anatole of Paris (1941) (2:54)
Helen Humes - Aint Nobodys Business If I Do (2:24)


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