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1940s Radio Station BroadcastYour Personal 1940s Music Set Request

The age of the Internet makes a mockery of time zones and we know by your emails 1940s Radio has circumvented the globe. You can imagine scheduling becomes an issue so we are extending the olive branch.

Online Music Set Request

From a single track to a complete set, you can now listen to what you like when you like, more or less. We have put together a simple form where you can submit a single track or a complete set list. A set list would need to cover 5, 10 or 20 songs along with the artists name and track title. This gives us 15, 30 and hour long slots which we can patch together for continuity.


Refer Madness during the 40'sA “Trip” through the "Naughty Forties"

You thought the 1940’s music scene was all about “Tea Dances”

1940's Radio brings you an hour of sounds that shook the 40's

Listen Online:
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1940sRadioShack/app/402411266453495/ Tune in:

Set List:

The Ink Spots - That Cat Is High
Trixie Smith ft Sidney Bechet - Jack Im Mellow
Bea Foote - Weed
Memphis Jug Band - Cocaine Habit Blues


Orson Welles terrifies nation with broadcastThe Power of Radio Broadcasting

The Media Machine during WW2

Radio was hugely popular in the 1930’s and with sets readily available to the masses through mass production listening figures were high. Its influences were unmistakable after the famous Orson Welles’s broadcast, “War of the Worlds”, Halloween, 1938.

Late Tuners did not Hear the Disclaimer!

Orson Welles introduced an original adaptation of the classic science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, alien invasion “War of the Worlds”. The adaptation started as normal but was interrupted by news reports of an alien invasion as per Orson Welles script. Unfortunately for those listeners that had tuned in late and did not listen to the disclaimer the reality was somewhat different and consequently mayhem ensued.

George Orwell BBC PresenterPsychological Warfare and Radio Broadcasting WW2

It was no secret radio was going to play a major part in communicating with the general public during the ensuing conflict. On the flip side, there were misinformation broadcasts by the German Propaganda Machine which began on 18th September, 1939 and hosted by Lord Haw Haw.

We were entering a new age of Media Psychological Warfare, one that all sides would abuse to its maximum potential. Listening to BBC broadcast in occupied countries carried the death penalty and owning a radio in Poland was outlawed although a special Morse Code Service was transmitted for localised printed distribution.


ARP Warden setting daily blackout timesDarkness falls over Great Britain

BIG Ben plunges into Darkness

It will be 5 years and 123 days before Big Ben lit up again. Everybody was prepared for the worst, but turning the countries lights out finally drove home the reality of war with sweeping blackout restrictions which would be enforced rigorously.

Blackout Big Ben in DarknessAir Raids Were Inevitable

With proven advancements in technology the Air Ministry had warned the risk of air raids was inevitable with high civilian casualties and indiscriminate bombing. This triggered the need to introduce blackout controls with heavy curtains or shutters required on all private residences and commercial premises.


1940’s Tunes with a Twist of Something?

Cocaine Tooth Powder AdvertismentAs we listened 1940’s Radio Broadcasts it became alarmingly apparent how many recordings made casual references to illegal substances.

These references were made not just by unknown bands, but also by some of the periods most prominent artists with Fats Waller and Cab Callaway included in the line-up.

Artistic Licence

Some artist were more subtle than others with references made in the lyrics, with others being more blatant going straight for the jugular saying "Just what’s on the tin".

We will leave it for you to decide if this practice was a deliberate poke at the authorities or a public relations stunt to promote record sales. Regardless, I am sure we can still all agree the music remains timeless and times have changed very little in that regard.


1940s Radio StationHow to Listen To 1940s Radio

It has never been easier to listen to great 1940s classics and this guide will show you how to enjoy your "Favourites from the 1940’s".

How to listen to 1940s Radio Station

1940s Radio How to tune in guide Flash PlayerDirect Access (Image Demo Only) Click here for Direct Access

The easiest and most direct access to our broadcast is via the website with the home page giving a number of simple ways to tune in. If you cant hear music when our homepage loads it is likely your browser has not been “Flash Enabled” and you will need to either Download FlashPlayer or you may need to enable "Flash Player" for the page if you already have it installed.

How to listen to 1940s Radio on your mobile deviceMobile Devices (Image Demo Only) Click here for Direct Access

Clicking the “Listen Live” button will open a pop-up player that requires no browser plug-ins. Some mobile devices will need you to press the play button.

Using other players to tune into 1940s RadioOther Media Players (Image Demo Only) Click here for Direct Access

Select your preferred player icon which will open a small file asking you how to open it. Select “Open with” and pick your favourite player in the drop down menu. These media players will play the song and artist information for you too. Any issues we are here to help.


Never A Dull Moment

Make the Most of the 40's

Never fool yourself into thinking the 1940’s is a bygone era, on the contrary the spirit of the 40’s is very much alive with an active vibrant social calendar.

Not Just a Collection of Vintage Memorabilia

From air shows and full scale re-enactments to annual period events there is never a dull weekend on the 1940’s scene. We are in an age of living history and there are groups of dedicated enthusiasts safeguarding our heritage for future generations.

 Plenty Going On

Harry & Edna on the WirelessOur Facebook events page carries a snapshot of “What’s on” in the 1940’s scene but this is only the tip of the iceberg and a brief search will find groups covering all aspects of interest from fashion to social gatherings. These groups welcome new members with open arms offering support and advice creating active online communities.

Our experience of the 1940’s scene quickly taught us new material was constantly still being produced across the board. In our particular field there are artists still recording and a number of independents such as Harry and Edna who produce their own weekly show for airing on Period Radio Stations such as ours.


Roaring Forties Presents Carmen CavallaroA Focus on Carmen Cavallaro 9:00am & 9:00pm 10/05/2017

Roaring Forties Presents Carmen Cavallaro

Listen Online: www.1940sRadio.Com
Facebook App:

Set List:

Carmen Cavallaro - A Media Luz (2:56)
Carmen Cavallaro - Its Delovely (1:35)
Carmen Cavallaro - Quando Quando Quando (2:42)


Roaring Forties presents Kate SmithRoaring Forties presents Kate Smith

9:00pm Friday 05/05/2017
9:00am Saturday 06/05/2017

Set List::

Kate Smith - Last Time I Saw Paris (1941) (2:31)
Kate Smith - And There You Are (3:12)
Kate Smith - Love You Funny Thing (3:06)


Vaughn Monroe & His OrchestraVaughn Monroe and Big Band His Orchestra

Listen Online Thursday 9:00am and 9:00pm 04/05/2017

Vaughn Wilton Monroe, an American baritone singer, trumpeter, big band leader and actor (1940 - 1973).

Set List:

Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Drinking Rum With Coca Cola (3:21)
Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Mule Train (1949) (3:04)
Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Waiting For The Train To Come (3:08)


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