Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tune into 1940s Radio Station

1940s Radio StationHow to Listen To 1940s Radio

It has never been easier to listen to your favourite tunes from the 40’s and this guide will show you different ways to enjoy your Favourite 40’s Radio Station.

1940s Radio Station Website Players

The easiest and most direct access to our broadcast is via the website with the home page giving a number of simple ways to tune in.

The most commonly used is “Flash Player” and will automatically load along with our “Home Page” with an easy to use player. If you cant hear music it is likely your browser has not been “Flash Enabled” and you will need to Download FlashPlayer.

If you prefer not to install add-ons to your browser then clicking the “Listen Live” button will open a pop-up player that requires no plug-ins.

Manual Player Here

 There is also an option headed “Additional Players” with four icons pictured below. These icons are common to an assortment of device operating systems and clicking your preferred player will download a small file. This file will automatically open your preferred player and tune into our stream once executed.

Alternative Stream Sources

Other websites also stream our broadcast and they can be found using the links below.

Facebook App:
Tune in:
Rewind Radio:
Stream Finder:
Radio Guide:

The 1940s Radio Team

Cant Hear Music? | Download FlashPlayer

Other Media Players

Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

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