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Friday, 10 April 2020

The Roots of 1940sRadio.Com



1940sRadio.Com Vintage Radio Station

Author: Mark (Rory) Davies
(Roaring Forties)

1940sRadio.Com Studio Having come from a technical background, I needed to find something to occupy my time after finishing a number of substantial projects for Y2K (Year 2000) and taking early retirement. I already had a keen interest in music and also wanted to keep my IT skills honed so creating an online radio station sounded like a fun option to keep me occupied.

Not wishing to jump through hoops with PRS (Performing Rights Society), I chose to opt for an open-source music solution and the 1940s hit the spot perfectly. After a quick search on the Internet, I secured 1940sRadio.Com, circa 2012 and started experimenting with online streams and software to get to grips with all the pitfalls.

The Early Days

The station ran on automated software for about three years and was oddly picking up quite a following and it seemed only fair to take the time and trouble to take it up a gear so I went on the trawl for some help. This came in the form of Dave Dawes who was already a 1940s DJ and sound engineer who ticked all the boxes.

Dave graciously accepted my proposal to put together a more robust service and within a month we had tightened up the scheduling and taken the plunge to produce our own weekly shows. Things have snowballed a little since then and we now have eight regular presenters adding a fresh twist to the 40s every day of the year.


Thousands of Weekly Listeners

We now have listener figures well in the thousands weekly and although we are purely Internet-based there are hundreds of places to pick up our stream beside the 1940sRadio.Com website. At the time of writing, we have almost six thousand followers on TuneIn.Com, three thousand on Facebook and represented on most social media platforms. There is also an active Facebook group for publicising period related articles and events or getting involved with the running of 1940sRadio.Com.

1940sRadio.Com Studio Network

We currently operate three studios that are capable of creating the scheduled stream, one in Charfield, South Gloucestershire, the other is located at Downend, Bristol, and the third studio operates from Burnley, Lancashire. If a live studio fails, one of the backup studios automatically takes over duty and that stream is then sent to a commercial Internet streaming service capable of handling the online demand.

Each studio can be remotely accessed by me or Dave, dependent on who is the duty manager and makes daily maintenance relatively simple. All presenters have access to a communal Internet dropbox allowing us to exchange files and weekly shows quickly; in turn, these are added to the system and scheduled accordingly at the duty studio.

Not For Profit

1940sRadio.Com is an advert-free, not for profit organisation and supported entirely by listener donations along with sponsorship for individual shows. The station is run entirely by volunteers and you can help keep the adverts away making a donation by via the front page of the 1940sRadio.Com website. Every little helps.

Get Involved with Radio

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with 1940sRadio.Com and we are especially keen to find a Media Graduate to handle a busy social network and website. I have highlighted below a few areas where you can get involved and have fun with a very dynamic team.

• Presenters
• Social Media Manager – All Platforms
• IT Manager/Website Administrator (Content Management System)
• Graphic Designer
• Sound Engineers (Studio - Outside Broadcast - FOH)
• Dancers – Jive – Lindy Hop – Balboa - Collegiate Shag
• Vehicle Enthusiast and Re-enactors

Just a few places you may have seen 1940sRadio.Com and will be again

• Gloucester and Country Extravaganza
• Harborough at War
• Woodhall Spa
• Clumber Park 40s Weekend

Getting involved is easy, simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., telling us about you and your interests and what you can bring to the station, it is that simple.

Mark (Rory) Davies

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