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Thursday, 25 April 2019

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Roaring Forties Presents

Roaring Forties Presents 1940s Radio Station Presenter

Sounds of the 40s with Dave Dawes

Sounds of the 40s with Dave Dawes

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1940's Gramaphone

1940s Commercials Are an Eye Opener

Media Quality Issues

Things may have looked quiet yesterday but there was an awful lot going.

Bit Rates and Amplitude

Our generic 1940’s music archive is in good order but support media files such as commercials and news items are a little hit and miss regarding quality. There is no shortage of this type of media but they have generally been shifted from other recording formats and saved in an assortment of different ways. We have the software to address these issues but processing the files still takes time.

Unbelievable Advertising Standards

As we have trawled through our vintage commercials from the 1940’s era it has certainly been an eye opener in the way advertising standards have changed. Some of the cigarette adverts are truly a masterpiece and they certainly had some novel methods to reinforce brand awareness.

Although advertising wasn’t available on UK radio the content portrays such a historic shift in advertising standards excluding it would have been a sin. You will be amazed how many brands have survived. Tune in and find out …..

Drugs and Racism

Drugs and racism was as much a problem in the 40’s as it is now and this can be heard in music from some of the big names. There are constant references to “Class A” drugs from the “Rat Pack” along with what could be classed as racist remarks in a number of their tracks.

They were not alone and we appreciate laws and attitudes change. It has never been our intention to censor any genuine material from the 1940’s however if any of our listeners find a particular media file offensive we will give its removal immediate consideration.


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