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Thursday, 25 April 2019

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Roaring Forties Presents

Roaring Forties Presents 1940s Radio Station Presenter

Sounds of the 40s with Dave Dawes

Sounds of the 40s with Dave Dawes

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Technical Issues Well In Hand

Studio Technical Issues

We have finally decided on a studio play-out setup after quite a bit of tinkering.

Studio Media Players

Two computers form the backbone of our system each networked to a local server. We tried running media files from mapped network drives on both computers to the server but this created a lot of unnecessary network traffic and the idea was scrapped.

To stop this issue we created local copies of all media files on each local work station. To ensure radio show templates interchangeable between both computers the file paths and folder structures were kept identical. This created another problem if localised corrections were accidently made so we installed a master copy of the media files on the server and used a synchronisation programme to monitor file change issues.

Media Categories

Our media files have been arranged in specific categories to allow us to eventually produce focused shows and as content is categorised you will notice improvements in the consistency of daily programming.

Overall Progress

Scheduled trails are going well and we seem to have time synchronisation issues well in hand with computers seamlessly handing over duty. Generating generic playlist with hourly pips has been ticked off the list with immediate improvement in the current programming being obvious.

We have been adding more authentic news content but some nearly an hour long so we have now decided to keep news items less than 3 minutes.


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