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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

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Test Broadcast Results

Not A Complete Disaster

Our first hour long scheduled show was certainly an interesting event and highlighted loads of errors the worst of which was the lag streaming caused.

The experiment also included a changeover of two local computers as the duty machine at the beginning and end of the broadcast. This did not cause any issues other than ensuring both computer clocks were exactly in synchronisation for timed directives.
The show itself ran fine and was produced earlier that day to include period advertisements and our stumbling block which was the Beeps on the hour. We used time synchronisation commands to make sure they played on time but unfortunately we forgot to allow for upload and stream lag which seems to be running at 15 seconds.

We could exclude them and most probably would never notice the issue. However it is our intention to put together a structured radio schedule and further test are already underway. We also have a number of enthusiasts that would like to submit shows and this in itself demands a stable schedule.
We have some novel ideas for specialist programmes which are in development along with the website. Streaming players quite annoying to play with now the age of the Mobile Device is upon us and we are experimenting with a few. HTML players seem to crack most of the issues but we need to carry our more trials.

Looking at the current rate of progress it looks like we are well on target to have everything running smoothly well before November 2016.

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