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Friday, 29 May 2020

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USA Non-Commissioned Rank Insignias

WW2 US army non-commissioned insignia layout

Vintage USA Insignias Easy to Follow Guide

USA WW2 Rank Insignias USA Non-Commissioned

USA Insignia Vintage Guide

We may know a little about the 40s music scene, however, if like us, you are a novice to WW2 living history, this will help.

Understanding rank insignias is certainly a great starting point to identify and verify information when you are looking for authenticity.

The rank guide includes, Private First Class, Corporal, Technician 5th Grade, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Technician Sergeant and, Private

The US Army enlisted rank insignia that were in use during WW2 differs in color from the ones currently in use today. 

The insignia's chevron design was either light olive drab on dark blue stripes for wear on the olive drab "winter" uniform, or medium olive drab on dark blue for the khaki "summer" uniform.

Private First Class | Corporal | Technician 5th Grade | Sergeant | Master Sergeant | First Sergeant | Staff Sergeant | Technician Sergeant | Private

This scheme of rank insignia was established by War Department Circular No. 303 on 5 August 1920 and would see two significant changes in 1942.

The use of these of insignia was ended by Department of the Army Circular No. 202, 7 July 1948, which provided for significant changes in both rank and insignia design

USA WW2 Rank Insignia

We have put together a simplistic guide to rank insignias with the first in our series being non-commissioned US Army insignias.

Please note there were color variations of the insignia dependent on the type of uniform and season so please make sure you check.

USA Technician ...
USA Technician ...
USA Technician ...
USA Technician ...
USA Staff Serge...
USA Sergeant
USA Private Fir...
USA Private
USA Master Serg...
USA First Serge...
USA Corporal
US Army Insigni...

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